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Our bird perches from Big Al’s Pets are good-looking and good for your pet birds. Plus, they come with our price-match guarantee from an American company with more than 35 years of pet care product expertise.

We carry Jungle Walk concrete perches by JungleTalk that are uniquely designed to stimulate a bird’s leg muscle. These ergonomic perches are textured to promote healthy feet, too. Our collection of sanded perch covers by UltraCare and Penn Plax will help keep your pet bird’s nails trimmed and clean.

Exercise and entertainment are the goals behind the rainbow cotton rope with bell from A&E Cage Co. With durable cotton construction, this “boing” rope exercise perch has a flexible metal spring with attached bells to attract your bird’s attention. Also shop our great buys in vitamin and mineral blends for all bird breeds or specially formulated for your pet bird’s breed.