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Aqua One Reflex Aquarium Kits

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  • 3.4 gallon glass aquarium with rimless design
  • Features integrated filtration and LED lighting
  • Effortless assembly, use, and maintenance
  • Includes media required for filtration system

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Product Description

The Aqua One Reflex 13 has a unique, modern design which includes an integrated filtration system, and an energy efficient LED lighting fixture to get you started. It is the perfect starter aquarium for beginners, or new project for hobbyists!

The Reflex 13 is 3.4 gallons and has been constructed to be easily incorporated into any small space. The sleek design and compact size makes it ideal for any living or office space, and makes set up and maintenance a breeze!

This versatile aquarium kit features a bright, energy efficient LED lighting system, which includes both white and blue bulbs. The white bulbs are used to simulate daylight, and the blue lunar bulbs intensify the colors of your fish, allowing you to observe their nocturnal behaviors.

To maintain the sleek, modern appearance of the Reflex 13, it features a fully integrated, 3-step filtration system (biological, mechanical, and chemical). The high-efficiency system ensures your aquarium will remain clean, clear, and healthy for your new pet, making the maintenance of it that much simpler!

3 Stages of Filtration

Step 1: Mechanical Filtration - The filter sponge combines both mechanical and biological filtration by capturing particulate matter from the water, as well as providing a surface area for beneficial bacteria to grow on.

Step 2: Biological Filtration - The ceramic media cartridge uses spherical ceramic media that has a very high surface area to facilitate the growth of beneficial bacteria, to break down waste in aquarium water.

Step 3: Chemical Filtration - The carbon cartridge combines a fine wool pad for removing fine particles from the water with activated carbon for removing organic waste.

Please Note: This kit does not include fish, gravel, or decorations.

Additional Information

SKU 52036-M
Brand Aqua One

Additional Information

SKU 52036-M
Brand Aqua One