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Why Do Fancy Goldfish Look So Weird?

Why Do Fancy Goldfish Look So Weird?
By Chitra Chhouk 1 years ago 1489 Views No comments

The goldfish often is considered the most typical fish to get for an aquarium, especially for beginners. A little, round fish bowl with a solid orange goldfish swimming in it has even become quite an iconic image. The truth is, though, that goldfish can deviate far from that standard. In fact, many of the fancy types look so weird you might not even recognize they’re part of the goldfish family. The reason for their unusual appearance is breeding.

The Results of Breeding

Thanks to breeding, you can find all sorts of weird-looking and beautiful goldfish varieties. It has been estimated that breeding has produced over 125 different types of goldfish. These are a few of the characteristics that have been changed through breeding to create such a wide diversity.

  • Eyes. Some eyeballs bulge, whereas others face upward. The bubble-eye goldfish has delicate sacs of fluid that look like bubbles beneath its eyes.
  • Color. Gone are the days of just orange goldfish. They can also be yellow, red, white, black, blue, purple, calico, and mixed.
  • Shape. They can have slim bodies or egg-shaped ones.
  • Appendages. Other unique traits include interesting head growths and flowy fins.

A Note of Caution

If you’re considering getting one of these fancy goldfish types to add to your aquarium, keep in mind that most are fragile and require expert care. The features that make them so unique also make them extremely vulnerable to their surroundings. Many of the accessories in your Big Al’s tank could pose a danger to these fish.

If you’re a beginner fish owner, it’s best to start out with the common variety or other hardy kinds such as the comet, shubunkin, and fantail. As with any type of fish, it’s smart to do your research before making a purchase to ensure you have the proper habitat, products, and knowledge to care for it and that it will get along with any other fish you may have in the same tank.

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