BROWSE BY PET TYPE : Freshwater Fish

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In addition to improving the aesthetics of your aquarium, natural driftwood can have great functional benefits. However, th [...]
Polypterus can be identified by its long, snake-like body and the multiple dorsal finlets along its spine that inspired its [...]
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Big Al’s believes that premium quality basics like water conditioners, filter media, fish food, and maintenance tools shoul [...]
Opening your pond for the first time in spring or summer is an exciting occasion for any water feature enthusiast. Not only [...]
Does your aquarium feel like it’s missing something? Adding a new fish can be a bit like getting a new college roommate [...]
Algae eaters are a great way to keep freshwater tanks clean and healthy. They come in many varieties, but the best are hard [...]
A little bit of algae is not such a bad thing; it can add a touch of natural realism to your aquarium. However, left untrea [...]
Before you settle for run-of-the mill freshwater fish, check out this list of top ten freshwater fish that can be just as b [...]
Paying attention to the type of filter you choose for your aquarium can help ensure that your tank is in peak condition and [...]
1 2 3 10 / 24 POSTS