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Opening your pond for the first time in spring or summer is an exciting occasion for any water feature enthusiast. Not only
Algae eaters are a great way to keep freshwater tanks clean and healthy. They come in many varieties, but the best are hard
A little bit of algae is not such a bad thing; it can add a touch of natural realism to your aquarium. However, left untrea
Paying attention to the type of filter you choose for your aquarium can help ensure that your tank is in peak condition and
For most types of fish, the right amount of food might seem like too little. However, overfeeding your fish can not only af
The material that sits in the bottom of an aquarium is called substrate. There are several different choices for aquarium s
Nitrate is a colorless, odorless gas that can nevertheless lay waste to your carefully cultivated aquarium. Nitrate builds
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What plants are best suited for low-tech planted tanks? Thomas, our Aquatics Expert, gives you his TOP FIVE favorites! SU
African cichlids are colorful, delicate freshwater fish that are extremely common additions to aquariums. Use this handy gu
1 2 10 / 12 POSTS