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Thomas keeps us up-to-date on the progress of his Marineland 265g Corner-Flo Aquarium! SUBSCRIBE:
Find out how the system is performing now that it's been running for a while-- and find out how much the whole thing cost!
Finally, the moment we've all been waiting for-- adding the fish to ths 265g Marineland Corner-Flo Aquarium! It's been a lo
There's not much left to do before introducing fish-- Thomas just needs to tie up the loose ends of the build by placing in
Less talking, more decorating! Thomas gets down to business on the decoration of his 265g Marineland Corner-Flo Aquarium!
Now that the tank passed its wet-test with flying colors, Thomas can begin the fun part-- decorating! In PART I, Thomas giv
The moment of truth is here! Will Thomas' setup withstand water?!?! SUBSCRIBE:
Thomas walks us through his decisions for circulation in this 265g Marineland Corner-Flo Aquarium! Do NOT judge him!!! SU
Our Mega-Build was brought to a grinding halt thanks to the uneven basement floor-- what was the best option to level it?
1 2 10 / 14 POSTS