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Marineland Magnum Review

By Big Al 1 years ago 1561 Views No comments

Marineland Magnum Review

The ever-popular Magnum canister filter from Marineland has been completely reinvented, making it not only a fantastic internal filter option, but also one of the most versatile maintenance tools for your aquarium.

So let’s talk about the new design…

To prevent the frustration of priming, worry of leaks, and the complicated setup of an external canister, Marineland has taken the Magnum in a new direction and made it a simple drop-in internal filter. Essentially they have taken their Maxi-Jet powerhead and created a filter attachment that can hold various types of chemical media such as carbon and biological media like ceramic rings, along with a filter sleeve cover for mechanical filtration. It is also capable of holding their classic pleated micron cartridge for water polishing which is also included for you in the box. This means that you can configure the Magnum to polish your water at the drop of a hat!

So why is this filter a must-have maintenance tool? With the new Magnum in your arsenal, you can add customized filtration to your aquarium to target specific issues on the fly. Having algae issues? You can quickly add some phosphate control media to the Magnum and drop it in. Is your water is yellowing? Fill the Magnum with carbon and drop it in. Hosting a dinner party but have a lot of particles in your water? Just add the micron cartridge to the Magnum and drop it in. Essentially, you have a water polisher and chemical reactor on hand to tackle issues as they come up, instead of having to tear apart your primary filter to try and swap or change media!

We always advocate having a spare filter on hand in case your main filter has a failure and is inoperable, so you aren’t stuck without vital filtration on your aquarium. The Marineland Magnum also makes for a sturdy backup filter. Being rated for aquariums up to 97 gallons with a whopping 290 gallons per hour of circulation, you have a lot of filter power in a small package that can be easily dropped into your aquarium during a crisis. Move some of your established biological media from your busted filter into the Magnum, and you can easily avoid a tank crash while you repair or replace your primary filter.

Long story short, the redesigned Marineland Magnum can now fill multiple roles in our aquariums, making it incredibly versatile, and a new necessity for all of us aquarium obsessed!