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The basic necessities of aquarium keeping shouldn’t break the bank. Water conditioners, filter media, fish food, and maintenance tools should not only be quality products, but affordable too. That is why we are doing our part by making aquarium keeping more affordable for you!

Big Al’s products are the necessities; we reached out to our vendors and worked closely with them to bring you the absolute best value possible while putting a quality product in your hands. We know what your aquarium needs, and what it doesn’t, which is why we have trimmed off the unnecessary excess to keep the cost low, and put those savings in your pocket.

With Big Al’s you can:

• Make your tap water safe and biologically rich
• Keep your fish’s bellies full
• Keep your plants looking lush
• Keep your filter running in tip-top shape
• And keep your aquarium looking its best
• Using quality products you can trust, at a price that will keep you smiling.

Our water treatment system will make your tap water safe by neutralizing harmful chlorine, chloromines, and heavy metals, while giving your fish a comfy coat of aloe for protection. It will also breathe life into your water by boosting the beneficial bacteria responsible for the breakdown of fish wastes, as well as safely digest detritus to keep your aquarium and filter clean.

Our filter media is basic, but effective. Water polishing filter media needs to be replaced often, and is responsible for keeping your water looking crystal clear. We know that means you’re going to need to change it frequently, so our plush sheets of cut-to-fit filter floss are sold in bulk sizes so you can keep that filter flowing full force instead of trying to stretch extra time your of your clogged filter pads. We also have foam inserts in various sizes to take care of the larger waste particles and prevent the floss from becoming clogged too quickly.

We also have the basic tools you need for aquarium maintenance, built strong to last a lifetime out of aquarium safe materials. Tackle water changes and clean your gravel simultaneously using our Gravel Cleaner, and refill that aquarium using a 100% fish safe bucket! You’ll also want to give the glass a quick scrub, so we have you covered with our durable tank scrubber sponges.

Your fish need full bellies, and with a great diet, your fish will thrive. The basis of every balanced diet for your fish is a hearty staple food, and our flake food is formulated to satisfy the nutritional necessities of a wide variety of tropical fish. Big Al’s Staple Flake food is packaged in a re-sealable ‘zip’ bag to lock in freshness and save your wallet from pricey containers, and comes in a bulk 8oz package to stretch that dollar even further. You might have plants in your aquarium, we didn’t want to leave them out, so we have a fantastic plant food supplement to ensure they grow tall, strong, and lush to keep those beautiful fish of yours feeling right at home!

Sure, our products might not have a bunch of bells and whistles, but that is exactly how we bring quality and value together without any fishy business! Or wait, fish is our business… Well, you know what I mean!

Water Treatments

Big Al’s Multi-Purpose Water Conditioner
Big Al’s Multi-Purpose Bio-Support
Big Al’s Multi-Purpose Bio-Clean

Filter Media

Big Al’s Filter Floss (Cut-to-Fit)
Big Al’s Foam Inserts (Multiple Sizes)

Maintenance Equipment

Big Al’s 100% Fish Safe Bucket
Big Al’s Gravel Cleaner (Multiple Sizes)
Big Al’s Tank Scrubber Sponge (Multiple Sizes)


Big Al’s Staple Flake Food
Big Al’s Plant Food Supplement