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Planted tanks (freshwater aquariums that have aquatic plants) are not only appealing but also provide your fish and aquariu [...]
Ready to introduce driftwood into your freshwater aquarium? To avoid mishaps or unwanted outcomes, here's a handy guide out [...]
There are different types of aquarium driftwood, each with their own set of characteristics that make them ideal for certai [...]
In addition to improving the aesthetics of your aquarium, natural driftwood can have great functional benefits. However, th [...]
Polypterus can be identified by its long, snake-like body and the multiple dorsal finlets along its spine that inspired its [...]
Big Al’s believes that premium quality basics like water conditioners, filter media, fish food, and maintenance tools shoul [...]
Opening your pond for the first time in spring or summer is an exciting occasion for any water feature enthusiast. Not only [...]
Does your aquarium feel like it’s missing something? Adding a new fish can be a bit like getting a new college roommate [...]
Having an aquarium is soothing and rewarding, but if you have limited space or money you may not be able to support a large [...]
Axolotls are hardy and easy to care for, making them ideal pets for those with little experience in keeping exotic animals. [...]
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