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Birds are clever little creatures, and we make training them easy with our collection of pet bird training tools at Big Al’s Pets. Treats that are not part of your bird’s regular meals will inspire your pet bird to learn new tricks. Dowels and specially made perches will provide a training platform. Shop all our bird training aids.

Before you start training your pet bird, allow your bird time to get used to being held. Always stand above your bird in the “master position” to let him know who’s boss. Even small birds might bite if they become nervous, so keep that in mind when handling your bird.

Learn more about training possibilities for your breed of pet bird by shopping our bird book collection. We’re proud of our lines of top names in bird brands when it comes to birdcages, liners, vitamins, perches and accessories. Sign up for our newsletter to receive subscriber-only coupons and specials throughout the year.