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IonGen System - 2nd Generation


IonGen System - G2

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Quick Overview

  • Delivers crystal clear water
  • Drastically reduces pond maintenance
  • Clarifies water without the use of harsh chemicals
  • Less than $1 a month in electricity cost
  • Treats up to 25,000 gallons
The Aquascape IonGen G2 System is an electronic water treatment solution designed for ponds, waterfalls, and other decorative water features. It quickly and effectively improves water quality, while drastically reducing time-consuming pond maintenance.

The IonGen G2 system consists of two main components: a probe and an electronic control panel. The probe contains two prongs made from a proprietary blend of metallic compounds, and connects to the control panel using a quick connector fitting. The control panel features an integrated microprocessor which signals the probe to release a calculated mixture of copper, silver, and zinc ions into the path of flowing water. These positive ions help reduce the unsightly debris that attaches itself to the rocks and gravel throughout your pond, waterfall, or stream. Probes typically last 1-3 years depending on the size of the water feature, water parameters, and ionization level. The touchpads on the control panel allow you to easily adjust the levels of ions produced based on the condition of the water feature. The easy-to-read digital display shows the current ionization level setting, and also features an indicator which notifies you when the probe is ready to be replaced.

The IonGen G2 offers several tool-free installation options. Ideally, the probe should be installed in-line with the pond/water feature's circulation system using the included flow chamber. This ensures adequate water flow over the probe prongs for optimal efficiency and superior results. The flow chamber holds the probe in an angled position to help deflect debris and reduce clogging (in improvement from the previous generation model). If the flow chamber cannot be installed directly into the water feature plumbing, then it should be placed in an area with significant water flow (e.g. inside the pond filter or skimmer). The flow chamber includes both 2" PVC slip fittings and universal barbed hosetail fittings (1", 1.25", and 1.5").

The energy-efficient IonGen G2 delivers crystal clear water to ponds and water features up to 25,000 gallons with an operational cost of less than $1 per month. The IonGen G2 clarifies water without the use of harsh chemicals, and is therefore safe for use in ponds with fish and plants.

The Aquascape IonGen G2 System includes: a weatherproof electronic control panel, low-voltage outdoor-rated transformer with 12 ft cable, flow chamber, probe with 15 ft cable, fittings, copper test kit, and owner's manual.
Additional Information
SKU 34905
Manufacturer Aquascape Inc.
MPN 95012
UPC 742575950129
Brand Aquascape
Inlet Size 2" threaded
Outlet Size 2" threaded
Power Cord Length 12 ft
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